Well 2015 has started with a bang for team REP. Firstly, our very own Chad Hodgson won a craft award at the RTS awards, for some brilliant work over the last 12 months. And then in mid May we received word that our 'Train' ad, for Dreams, had won a Silver at the Roses national advertising awards. 

We are always immensely proud of the work we create at REP, so it's nice to get some recognition from outside of our client base. 

Pop in anytime, and we'll make you a cuppa...

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Team REP

show reel

  • re:production show reel

    It's been a while since we updated our reel, and boy have we been busy in the last 12 months.

    Everything from lawnmowers to shopping centres to ferries and pets.

    We've just about covered it all, and we are immensely proud of it. Take a look...

latest work

  • Dreams RE8

    Our new Dreams commercial, RE8, encouraging customers to replace their mattress every 8 years.

    Ad Agency: Cheetham Bell JWT

    Director: Phil Hawkins

    Producer: Phil Greenwood

latest work

  • Newcastle College TV ad

    TV commercial produced for Newcastle College in 2015

    Agency: Stark Hartley Atkinson

    Director: Lewis Bonner

    Producer: Steve Hunneysett

latest work

  • Casino 21 TV ad

    2015 TV Ad for Casino 21. 

    Ad Agency: Direct

    Director: Rich Coulson

    Producer: Alex Wrightson


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